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Although this website is a labor of love, it requires a lot of hard work and cash. I have a staff of researchers that spend countless hours locating dog parks. Then there is the tedious job of gathering all of the research and organizing and preparing it for publication. Travel costs are expensive both from a financial point and the wear and tear of either hours spent driving or through the painful experience of flying. Throw in the hard costs for the website development and server space and you have quite a few dollars needed to keep this site running.

The ads we run on this site produce some money but nowhere near the costs needed. Frankly, we could use some financial help from you.

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Several years ago, Max came into my life. He was just 8 weeks old. In the beginning, Max was like most 8 week old puppies, he slept, ate, went to the potty, played for a few minutes and then started the process all over again.
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